Digital Media is changing and do you know who is your next top consumer?

Digital Media statistics are changing almost every week. If you are a marketer, you have a hard job to pick the most accurate data and create a short term strategy.

This week I have researched and prepared a short view on a some digital media stats that are important to every size companies. The report includes stats on customer journey mapping, delivery times, store closures and personal data sharing.

Let’s dive into two important changes….

Personal data sharing

People become more aware about their data and a trend start toe emerge – consumers are less willing to share their personal data, even in exchange for tailored advertising .

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) has published its second annual Privacy Study, surveying 1,100 American consumers on their attitudes to sharing data.

It found that the percentage of Americans willing to share their home address has fallen by 10 percentage points compared with last year’s survey, from 41% to 31%. Respondents were also eight percentage points less likely to want to share their spouse’s first name and surname (declining from 41% to 33%), seven percentage points less likely to share their personal email address (with 54% willing to share this data, down from 61% in 2018), and even six percentage points less likely to share their own first and last name (63% in 2019, down from 69% in 2018).

The research also noted that, for the second year in a row, respondents did not indicate more willingness to share their data if it would result in a personalized advertising experience. The researchers conceded that “it is possible that this finding was affected by the need to ask the same question twice” (as the wording of the two questions was very similar), but on the face of things, it appears to paint a bleak picture for advertisers who rely on collecting customers’ personal data.

Snapchat users are buying more

It might seem a little early for a holiday marketing guide, but social app Snapchat is clearly keen to get in before the rush by putting out its Snapchat 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide in August.

The guide, adorned with cartoonish Bitmoji and Snapchat’s signature bright yellow, contains some interesting statistics about the gift-buying habits of Snapchatters. According to Snapchat’s internal data, Snapchatters buy 20% more gifts than the average non-Snapchatter, and are 60% more likely to make impulse purchases.

Unsurprisingly, they are also a mobile-oriented demographic, and are 20% more likely to make purchases on mobile. Another statistic that will appeal to marketers is the news that Snapchatters are 64% more likely to start holiday shopping on Black Friday.

snapchat data

Snapchatters are 64% more likely to start holiday shopping on Black Friday.

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