The End of Digital Marketing?

Few weeks ago Google made a bold statement : “the end of digital marketing is here”.

In their “Welcome to the end of digital marketing” talk with Marie Gulin-Merle, Calvin Klein’s chief marketing officer and PVH’s chief digital officer, at Google Marketing Live, they explained why it’s time to shift our marketing mindset.

Marie Gulin-Merle that “it’s misleading or very duplicative to talk about traditional marketing and digital marketing”.

“Consumers really don’t act that way. You research online. You buy offline. You have your mobile with you. The consumption of videos, the search behavior – all of this is present throughout the journey. [Separating traditional and digital marketing] creates silos within companies.”

She also said that: “it creates silos within companies, instead of infusing tech and digital, and data at the core of everything..”

This is very important concept. Because you cant do one without other. You simply can’t have marketing department and another called digital department which do social media branding

This also puts a great role on CEO of the company to inform other departments that market has changed. The CMO role is bigger today, that it was in last 5 years. The function of CMO is to clip together CFO, CHR and CEO together to signal the behavior change.

Bottom line – digital marketing and marketing is just a marketing. You can not split it and just one. Even if you are e-commerce company, you may be in need for priting materials or billboards ( new campaign, opening new website).

We are still living offline.

Video you may find here: Welcome to the end of digital marketing.

What do you think? Is digital media more important than traditional marketing?

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