How to make a return on investment by working with nano influencer


A nano-influencer is defined as an Instagram influencer with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. Nano-influencers’ audiences are small, niche, and highly engaged— the smallest following of all tiers of influencers (with tiers defined based on the total number of Instagram followers).

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco

Sometimes big audience is not what you should look for. Smaller, engaged audiences will offer a better return on investment. Here’s how you should realign your strategy. Going from a mega influencer, that have million of followers may not seems your first strategy for building your brand, but there are some important reasons to start partnering with a nano – influencer:

  • They’re cost-effective:  With nano-influencer it is easier to open a dialog for your future endorsement. Nano-influencers are more approachable. Because usualy those a person which have a job and instagram is a side hustle, they are more open to gains from a sponsorship. They’re more likely to support your brand for a small fee, or even just in exchange for free products to showcase. For the cost of a few free samples, you could start working with influencers immediately.

  • They’re credible: Nano-influencers are usually just regular people who have an interest and showing it on Instagram. Their personality is on a display on their feed, thus any endorsement would look like a “word from a friend” and not an add, that has clearly nothing to do with a person endorsing it. When a sport star is showing a new leggings, in a vogue-like pose, with a ton of make up and crafted light behind, it creates an add like perception. Your audience will immediately understand “My body is not same and I will never look like that”. The story is different when a nano-influencer shows a new look, done just ad-hoc, with a natural background. Immediately there is a connection between audience and the influencer. And they’re more likely to believe the influencer genuinely likes the brand. In fact, statistics reveal that 70 percent of teens trust influencers more than celebrities.
  • They generate high engagement: Research into engagement levels on Instagram revealed that content creators with less than 1,000 followers receive likes on their posts 8 percent of the time, while content creators with over 10 million followers only receive likes 1.6 percent of the time. Content creators with fewer followers receive more comments.
  • They are a hard working people:  They are at beginning of their journey, thus they put an extra effort to build fan bases, so every video, article, or photograph is the best it can possibly be. Furthermore, they tend to respond to comments and queries from their followers to show a willingness to engage.

It’s time for brand managers to focus on micro-influencers and nano-influencers, the next generation of influencer marketing.


PrDaily shows that: “influencer marketing was deemed important or a top strategic priority by 69 percent of the professionals we interviewed. However, 71 percent of these individuals use 50 influencers or fewer.”

Nano-influencing is letting you to work with more influencers for the same budget. You can also adapt your strategy to niche and region that you wish to be endorsed.

“Everyone who’s on Instagram has that friend who is just really popular and is racking up ‘likes’ and comments and has great content,” explained CEO Mae Karwowski in a  New York Times story


The principles of measuring ROI on nano-influencer campaigns is the same as any other influencer marketing campaign.



Whether or not you use a nano-influencer depends on your marketing goals. If your focus is increasing brand awareness by getting your products mentioned in front of as many people as possible, then you need to consider working with a large influencer who has a big audience. However, if your focus is on building a rapport with an audience and getting a good return of revenue on your investment, a nano-influencer may be a better option.

Don’t expect to see your brand promoted one day, and a health shake fad the next.

Have you worked with one of these influencers? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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