4 Awesome Personal Brand Ideas to Implement Now

Loosing a job is not typically what we like to do. It is one of those time when our stress levels are high and anxiety starts.

There is a lot on our mind – bills, family future, what others will think, mortgage and many many more. One thing also slips through mind – our reputation. Months and years that we work on vanishes overnight. We have to build one more our persona, gain trust and stand out from the crowd.

Personal branding can come handy when you are at the beginning of the new carrier. Let you and your new employer build a connection, that is based on your previous experience and shows you have integration and goals that you perceive.

Building your personal brand is like building a start up. You need a brand statement, that defines what you stand for. Even when your experience is near zero, this will help you to express the potential skills that you wish to acquire.

If you were a company, will be you interested to hire another copywriter or someone who will increase your income by writing a compelling story?

Here are a few personal brand statement examples you can learn from. Ready? Let’s go!

4 amazingly great personal statements

Having a great personal statement is not a one day process. It may take many months until you will find that one phrase which will suit you.

I have chosen people that are in niche, instead of go for big name.

Here you have them listed!


Marie Forleo with her MarieTV has connected many entrepreneurs into a big community that is supporting each other. Her slogan “The world needs that special gift that only you have” is well known brand itself.

She is an inspiring figure, entrepreneur and life coach which knows how to make business thrive through power of great copy. Her brand statement aligns with her persona and life.

2. Aaron Orendorff

Aaron has worked with many publishers and created some great content that is not only compelling but also sells.

His tagline “Saving the world from bad content” perfectly sums up his work and himself.

His website is for B2B companies. He uses important words like traffic, qualified leads, and scalability to attract his audience.

3. Tony Robbins

Well, ok. This one is not some niche personal coach but well renovated persona.  His personal brand statement is fresh and uplifting – “Transform Your Life.”

It grabs attention and make you want to know more. The second paragraph of statement “close the gap between where you are today – and where you want to be” gives a clear information what you can expect from him.

And that’s both eye catching and compelling.

4. Adam Enfroy

His statement “Blog like a CEO, not a writer” or “Launch your Blog Like a Startup, not a Writer” has a very strong message that speaks to millions.

He is using posts as a weapon to gain more audience and to show that your content need to placed and plan strategically. It is a both management and writing skills that make your blog, your startup or your side hustle thrive.

I hope that makes your creative part strive for more.

Let’s get to a recipe for great personal branding statement.

How To Create An Engaging Personal Brand Statement: 5 Simple Steps

Remember that statement tries to answer this:

  • What work do you do best?
  • Whom do you help (your target audience)?
  • What’s your unique differentiation?

Than follow below steps:

Step #1: List Your Most Important Attributes (Then, Filter The Unique Ones!)

Step #2: Define Your Target Audience

Step #3: Be Yourself

Step #4: Make It Brief And Catchy

Step #5: Start Advertise Yourself

And that’s it!

Revise your statement every year as your career progress.

What’s your experience with writing a personal brand statement? Let me know in the comments below.

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